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So Christmas it’s almost here🌟

Christmas is such a lovely, wonderful time of the year! People tend to be more kind (if they’re not in traffic πŸ™‚ ) and there is love and cookies smell in the air.

It was quite a busy and a hard working year, but I gained a lot. And when I say “a lot” I mean I gained a lot of beautiful souls around me, that brought me lots of good vibes πŸ™‚ This year the Girls Squad an I thought it would be nice to throw a Secret Santa Pajama Party in the middle of the day, with loads of fun, laughters, hot chocolate, gingerbread and marshmallows, and send some love to you guys, since you gave us inspiration and support all year round.

First let me introduce you to my girls: Aicha, Manuela, Deea, Lavinia, Carmen and Luana. I wanna thank them for all the laughters and smiles and good energy when i was in need. I love that we got to know each other much better, support each other and have more fun together at events.

πŸŽ„Christmas To Do List:

So next I want to share with you my Christmas List of things that i want to do with my husband and my family, and I’ll really try to check everything on it and maybe spend a little less time online (at least for a few days):

  1. Decorate our Christmas Tree – this year I want to get a smaller tree and place it into a very Christmassy Corner setup – I think I will take care of this today πŸ™‚
  2. Drink Hot Chocolate and Mulled Wine while I have an all Pajama Day, with Christmas carols of course.
  3. Have Breakfast for Dinner πŸ™‚ it sounds so funny, I know, but although I love mornings I really feel i wanna sleep a lot – and then have my late breakfast and my coffee in the afternoon, in bed.
  4. DIY-ing a Christmas Decoration – and I think I will share this moment with you. Doing creative stuff really calms my soul, is like therapy for me.
  5. Do a Random Act of Kindness – even if it were nice for one to do this at any given time, make sure most of all during Christmas Holidays you don’t forget about the needy children and adults alike, that could really use your kindness this time of the year. You should definitely buy a Christmas gift to a child in need.
  6. Go Visit the Local Christmas Market – have some mulled wine, go ice-skating if you have a skating area in the town πŸ™‚ Enjoy each day because it’s a blessing and a gift!
  7. Call an Old Friend – it’s been a crazy year and I really feel I wanna share some thoughts with a person that I know since I was little.
  8. Go to the Mountains – play in the snow, make a snowman πŸ™‚
  9. Watch a Christmas Movie with your lover or family. (but not “Home Alone” πŸ™‚ )
  10. And Don’t forget to give out tons of kisses and hugs to your loved ones. Share lots of love this time of the year. It’s the season to be jolly!

These little things are on my Christmas bucket list – a perfect reminder for us to stop and take time to cherish our family and friends!

πŸ‘Special thanks go out to:
Labyrinthe Paris & Lile Buba – for the lovely location
Iuliana Cristina Popescu – for the photos
Ioana Oprea – for the Makeup

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Go Together






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