Hunting for Good Coffee in Bucharest

☕ Coffee Lovers of Bucharest, Unite!

There’s a new generation of baristas and coffee consumers that are radically changing Bucharest’s coffee scene. Traveling a lot and being a knowledgeable and enthusiastic coffee aficionado, I’ve been exploring some of the best coffee shops at the vanguard of Bucharest’s specialty coffee revolution that started only a couple of years ago. And i want to tell you some little stories about my favorites.

The expertise of the coffee shop owners and the open-mindedness and willingness of customers to drink a well prepared and challenging coffee, is what powers this evolving and expanding scene. And I’m totally in love with it!

Not only has the number of speciality coffee shops in Bucharest exploded in the last couple of years, but also the audience has grown more mature because of the skilled baristas and the many single origin coffees they bring to front. I’m going to narrow down the list of my personal favorite coffee shops:

Two Minutes

Located in the very heart of Floreasca neighborhood, on 50A Aricescu St., this tiny but cozy place is always full of freshly brewed flavors and wonderful people that create a real friendly community around an always very well prepared cup of coffee.
You have to go meet Ionut, one of the business owners, a highly skilled barista with international expertise, that brought the art of coffee making into the spotlight of Bucharest scene.


A perfect place to go grab a good coffee, a fresh juice or a smoothie, or even snack on a delicious home-made waffle, with lots of healthy and ingenious toppings.
Situated on 21 Ion Campineanu St., (and another point in 44 D. I. Mendeleev St.) this turquoise wall-painted joint, with lush hanging greenery makes the place feel quite exotic and full of good vibes, the colorful fruits being hanged on wooden racks and the mini cactuses displayed in the shop window, making it a one of a kind place. The baristas are nice and always welcoming.


With a minimalist feeling and a Scandinavian design, this coffee place is perfect if you want to enjoy an always freshly brewed tasty cup of coffee, eat a slice of delicious banana bread or sunbathe for a while on the front wooden steps, while you read a good book or check your Instagram account 🙂
You can find them in 2 Visarion St., near Piata Romana, or on 22 Uruguay St., if you’re in the Charles de Gaulle Square Area. The baristas here are also very knowledgeable and nice.


One of the first speciality coffee shops opened in Bucharest, that also takes pride in roasting their own coffee, Origo is always packed with coffee enthusiasts and on a busy day might make you decide to have your coffee To-Go. The interior design is urban and hip, and they offer a great selection of coffees that changes very often. After sunset you can enjoy a soothing cocktail with your friends, they have a lot of interesting recipes. You can find them on 9 Lipscani St.


Also featuring two locations in Bucharest (1 Dianei St., near C. A. Rosetti Square and 2 Occidentului St.) T-Zero is the creation of former corporate employee Ciprian, a truthfully coffee lover and self taught, hard working barista. His coffee comes from the Origo Roastery and it’s very carefully selected and prepared. Although the shop is tiny, you can always grab a To-Go for a morning energy boost! 🙂


Opened recently in 45 Calea Victoriei, (near Sala Palatului and Cretzulescu Church) this hip coffee retreat has a minimalist London-feeling to it and it’s perfect for a quiet morning or a lazy afternoon. Their coffee is very good and comes roasted by Olivo Roastery in Cluj. A perfect blend in the Bucharest coffe scene. You should try them out!

“Too much Monday; Not Enough Coffee.”


  1. Sandra March 15, 2017 at 9:31 am

    Buna Ioana,
    multumesc pentru feedback si aprecieri! l-am incercat si este bun!

  2. stefania March 15, 2017 at 12:16 pm

    Hello Sandra!
    iti recomand Boiler Coffee Shop (str. Daniel Constantin nr. 25). are un concept diferit fata de majoritatea coffee shop.urilor din Bucuresti, iar cafeaua nu este “good”, ci “very good”. 😊

    1. Sandra March 16, 2017 at 12:57 am

      Buna Stefania,

      stiu despre Boiler si am si fost acolo pe la Paul, si da, cafeaua este buna si acolo!

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