Little Stories of My Life – 2017 Review

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2017 was a splendid year, full of hard-work, fun, wanderlust and travel adventures, but also challenges and achievements.

It was a year to remember, in which I have made a lot of new friends and met so many beautiful, creative people, a year in which I released and channeled my creative potential and proudly started my blog – Little Stories of My Life.

In my pursuit of beauty, this year I took thousands of pictures and discovered some of the most amazing hidden places, both in my country and overseas. Tasted most intricate and gourmet dishes, indulged myself with fragranced coffee and wines, enjoyed amazing sunsets and top views over cities and wild landscapes.

But most of all I loved heartfully and devotedly and was loved back by my husband, family and friends and had most astonishing and meaningful moments with them that I will always remember and cherish.

Big Thanks go out to Everybody that was a Part of the Little Stories of My Life this Year!

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“All our Dreams can Come True, if We Have the Courage to Pursue Them”

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