Tulipina – Beauty is in the Details

New York based Kiana Underwood (Tulipina) shares secrets to designing show-stopping monochromatic arrangements.

So I’ve been wanting to write this piece for a couple of months now, to tell you about a magical Workshop that I’ve attended and that really filled me with joy and beauty. This special event was organized and hosted by my good friend Claudia Docan – owner of Blossom Floral Design, and featured internationally renowned floral designer Kiana Underwood – owner of Tulipina.

The event took place in the wonderful and dreamy location – Blossom Floral Design, a secluded chabby-chic studio in the middle of a forest.
Being in love with Claudia’s work and design style and also having heard of Tulipina for some time, it sounded like a really amazing opportunity and experience, and I was so excited to be a part of it.

The Master Class was planned down to the tiniest details as it was the first time Tulipina came to Romania and everything had to be just perfect.

The entire location was filled with so many beautiful flowers, in every variety and color combinations you would imagine.

First floral demonstration done by Tulipina during the Master Class was a Bride’s Bouquet. Kiana surprised with her amazing technique, creating the bouquet only by watching herself in a mirror. I never saw that before! She explained that a bouquet has only one “front side” – that faces the public, and that it is to be held in hand only in a certain way. This thing I found to be insane J The overall bouquet shape was so organic, asymmetrical and beautiful, unlike the normal shape we are all used to see.

Also, later during the workshop, Tulipina constructed and designed a beautiful floral table Centerpiece and did everything without the use of Floral Foam. This is a novelty since floral foam has been the basis of floral arrangements for a long time, a technique employed by the majority of florists today. However growing concerns over it’s potential risks to health have pushed many conscious floral designers to exclude it from their crafts.

Overall Tulipina did such a great floral demonstration and it was a marvel to soak it all in. After that, the class participants constructed their own floral creations, under the watchful eye of Kiana.

And for the whole experience to be fully complete – Claudia had also some surprises up her sleeve for the attending guests –Make-up Artist Alexandru Abagiu (Brand Ambasssador Lancome) and Hair Stylist Sorin Stratulat, two of best stylists in the country that showcased their talent and skills.

As for the socializing part, Claudia arranged a long table setup using all the centerpieces created by all the participants, that made you submerge into a deep romantic and fairytale-like mood. And also the selection of dishes catered by Il Locale and the spirits by Shoteria were an amazing complement!
By the way I was so happy to see Anca Lupu again (from Peonies.ro), that flew all the way from Timisoara to take part in this beautiful Master Class.

Claudia also made sure to capture all the best moments and memories from this master class. Having photographer Emm and Clau was so important for everybody, because he provided them with pictures of the time spent with Tulipina and with their craetions, for their portofolio use. Also a Master Class video was shot by talented videographer Dragos Badicu from Transylvania Pictures.

Photocredit: Emm and Clau

So guys, if you are getting married this year or plan to do it soon, I will leave below for you some recommendations for professionals you might need for your weeding, professionals that Claudia had involved in this Master Class.

Planning & Production & Location : @blossom_floraldesign
Flowers supplier : @gradinaurbanaconcept
Makeup: @abagiu ; @lancomeofficial
Hair stylist: @stratulatsorin
Gowns: @nicolenea
Bridal shoes: @hannami_shoes
Hair accessories: @lorelai.ro
Silk ribbons: @honey.and.ribbons
Stationery: @custom_paper_design
Event catering: @il_locale ; @roxanaonaca
Event drinks : @shoteria.bucuresti
Event Coffee: @zcoffeebar.ro
Cake : @gracecouturecakes
Sweets : @absolutemacaron
Tablesetting : @kaffka_events ; @gabriela.seres

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