Sandra x Hadar Chalet

A Never Ending Fairy Tale: Hadar Chalet

Far away beyond the pinewoods and rivers, in the quiet heart of Buzau Mountains, there is a little serene meadow, a little corner of paradise named Hadar Chalet. There the dew sparkles in the lazy morning sun, the air is crisp and pure and the grass grows tall and deep. At night the stars are great and white and the nightingales sing all along.

Away from the crowded city, on the Siriu River Valley I found the perfect escape, an oasis of romantic calmness with boutique hotel design features and high life amenities. A remote Deluxe complex housing a chalet with multiple guest rooms, outdoor swimming pool, lounge area, restaurant, relaxation, sports and entertainment areas, special events wood barn and an absolutely amazing tree house with a view like no other, especially for a romantic dinner in two ♡

The Dreamers, the Believers, the Doers

I was so exited to team up with Oana & Adriana from Hadar Chalet and Mobexpert Romania for this awesome project, alongside the visual team Razvan Lupan and Design Moods.

Welcoming the new season, and in order to assure all the comfort for their guests, the Hadar Chalet Team partnered with the Romanian manufacturer Mobexpert to adorn the outdoor spaces with comfortable and attractive furniture pieces and accessories, therefore assuring that the lack of mobile phone signal coverage would be nothing but an advantage 🙂

And as the saying goes, I’ve always admired the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful, the planners, the doers, the successful people with their heads in the clouds, like the girls from Hadar Chalet, that transformed the old hunting lodge of Nicolae Ceausescu into a breathtaking luxury retreat, a real hidden jewel of the forest.

I invite you to browse through some of our photo and video works while imagining yourself sipping a cup of coffee, serving a brunch, or drinking a glass of wine in this bohemian, never ending fairy tale place.

“Collect Moments, Not Things


  1. Sandra December 7, 2017 at 10:55 pm

    Multumesc frumos, Lidia!!

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