Sandra x ZiP UP Concept Store

The Trustworthy Companion: Traveling Easy & in Style

There is no better way to start the summer than to hunt ahead of time for some stylish travel destinations and always rely on your ZiP UP statement hard sided clamshell luggage to make your vacation go a bit easier, more enjoyable, a lot safer and truly make a difference.

I’ve always searched for a cute suitcase instead of the regular big bulky black luggages everyone has, a lucky ticket to upgrade to a more stylish and chic travel look and also to better suit my needs in terms of storage space and mobility.

You know girls… they always have to carry around all sorts of stuff, lots of outfits suited for any situation or any moody weather forecast, lots of trinkets, gadgets, makeup products and accessories.

Yes, cute luggage does exist! That’s when I teamed up with ZiP UP Concept Store and their beautiful products that came to be my trustworthy companion for the little travel stories that unfolded.

ZiP UP makes waves with their BG Berlin collection, featuring cool colors and graphics made by international artists, a functional 3-in-1 sizes contemporary urban design, quality hard shell with both YKK zipper and combination padlock, four sturdy rubber wheels with 360-degree movement capabilities, and also lots of inside room. They’re designed to accompany you on all of your adventures, and will never complain no matter the circumstances πŸ™‚

With a piece of luggage from ZiP UP you won’t get lost anymore in the sea of boring suitcases at the airport baggage carousel! β™‘

Always Travel in Style.”

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